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    Muñecos a escala 1/12 para casas de muñecas. Piezas únicas - OOAK Miniature dolls 1" scale for dollhouses.  

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SCARECROW - Character doll



Piece created in 2010

With the help of my friends, soon I'll be free ...

This doll is 14 cm. in height (5-17/32”),the structure of his head is modeled with in Sculpey’s “Living Doll”. On this structure, a white cotton cloth, dyed and aged, are the face. The body is made with artificial grass and natural twigs on a wire frame. His clothing is made from different fabrics of cotton. Animals that are saved, are made by me.

Like all my pieces, Scarecrow is a one-of-a-kind doll (ooak)

PRICE: 600€ - SOLD

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Miniauture doll Scarecrow 8

Miniature doll Scarecrow 1

Miniature doll Scarecrow 2

Miniature doll Scarecrow 3

Miniature doll Scarecrow 4

Miniature doll Scarecrow 7

Miniature doll Scarecrow 16

Miniature doll Scarecrow 16

Miniature doll Scarecrow 21  






OOAK miniature character dollhouse's dolls and miniature babies hand sculpted by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual - Muñecos, personajes de carácter y bebés en miniatura para casas de muñecas por la IGMA Artisan Noemí Pascual.

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